Maja Bosnić
Composer (b.1985)

Maja Bosnić is a PhD candidate in Music Composition (Goldsmiths University of London, UK), as well as MA in Music Pedagogy (Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgade, Serbia). Her research is based on examining the creative potential of audience, amateurs and non-musicians, while her findings are demonstrated in her works that include audience in the performance. Her projects were performed throughout Europe with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and European Cultural Foundation. Maja is a founder of Association Zabuna – organization that works towards stimulating production and development of contemporary experimental music. She is a member of Composers Society of Serbia, as well as Royal Philharmonic Society in UK. Her achievements were awarded with the scholarship given by the Ministry of Youth of the Republic of Serbia five years in a row.

Maja began her composition studies with prof. Milan Mihajlović at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia), and proceeded postgraduate studies with prof. Roger Redgate at Goldsmiths University of London (UK). Her research PhD thesis and portfolio of works were evaluated by prof. Peter Wiegold (Brunel University, London, UK) and prof. James Saunders (Bath Spa University, Bath, UK). She attended a number of workshops and master classes held by composers, such as: James Clarke, Wolfgang Rhim, Brian Ferneyhough, Kevin O’Connell, Nicola LeFanu, Ian Wilson, Sebastian Lexer.

Maja’s pieces have been performed in festivals such as: KOMA, April Meetings, Music – Here and Now in Belgrade (Serbia), IYAF and Composers Forum in London (UK), Sites + Subjects in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Re-new in Copenhagen (Denmark). She has written music for various ensembles, orchestras, electronic and multimedia projects, while her most significant works are “Zabuna on Stage.01/Bring Your Noise!” and “Zabuna on Stage.02/Whatever You Say!.”

Maja has a valuable experience with similar projects executed by Association Zabuna (Serbia) and Association 4,99 (Poland). She was a creator of project GĐO – Gerilin Đubrofonijski Orkestar (Die Guerilla-Müllophoniker Orchester / Guerilla’s Trashophonic Orchestra) with Goethe Guerilla 2011. It consisted of workshops for building instruments out of recycled material, and a band who performed popular tunes on such improvised instruments. In 2011 the band lead workshops and performed in many festivals in Belgrade, including April Encounters, Museum Night, I Recycle Therefore I Exist and Book Fair, as well as at Beglika Festival in Bulgaria, and Regional Guerilla Meeting in Bosnia.

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