Workshop + Performance

Shhhumigrad (“HhhumingCity”) is creative workshop that prepares participants to perform music written for humming noises created simultaneously on five different locations in Belgrade, using only objects that are found on the spot. The final outcome of the workshop will be a public concert, performed live on one of the locations – the Spanish house in Savamala (27.06.2015.-21h), with projection of recorded performances on other four locations on the video screen. The audience will be motivated to actively interact and participate in the public performance with other workshop participants.

Shhhumigrad workshop is open to any number of participants of any age and of any capabilities (minors will have to be escorted by their guardians). The workshops will be lead in Serbian and English language, taking place once per week, for two hours, in the studio of Urban Incubator (Kraljevića Marka 8) starting in the first week of March 2015 and ending in the last week of June 2015 (when the public performance will take place).

The idea of the project is to demonstrate the creative potential of abandoned places, the positive results of collaboration between strangers, awaken deeper and personal connection with a living environment, and promote the importance of a single simple act in building a greater cause.

The more people adapt their lives to living in the city, the more estranged they become from their peers. As cities grow larger, more self-centered are their citizens. Alienated citizens have adopted certain codes of behavior that demonstrate their well practiced ability to mind their own business and not interfere.

Shhhumigrad (CityHums) project promotes the joy of working in team towards good cause. It stands against alienation and exclusive selfhood of modern society. With creative workshop it reminds participants of how rewarding it is to be kind, considerate and helpful towards others and mindful of the environment. The positive experience of being part of performance in the end of this project will leave them with fulfillment and desire to continue to contribute to the city and society, while accomplished cooperation with other participants in the project will remain as a model for future relationships.


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